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Inspire Health

Dedication - Compassion - Experience

Athena's 'Inspire Health' creates employee communications that are designed to increase program awareness and utilization, and to encourage employees’ efforts toward healthy behavior change. We provide employee orientation along with ongoing educational seminars.

New Growth

Worksite Wellness Challenges

Customized and Comprehensive

Employee engagement is the key to a corporate wellness programs success, and Athena's Restore Your Health helps organizations generate excitement and participation by offering work-site wellness challenges. These turn-key programs are administered completely by Healthy U and are a proven way to motivate employees to enroll in a wellness program and adopt healthier lifestyles. Employers can choose from a variety of modules including individual or team competitions as well as goal-based programs such as weight loss, walking or other exercise challenges.

Our Worksite Wellness Challenges attract participation and get results through:

  • Customized promotions and competitions to fit an organization’s culture and specific needs

  • Launch and rollout plan to get employees started

  • Ongoing weekly communication and newsletters to keep employees informed and motivated

  • Online tracking of individual and team rankings as well as incentives

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